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Caring for your Psalm Baby cloth diapers is easy!

Rinse off solid waste and urine. Store soiled diapers in an un-lidded dry or wet bucket until you are ready to wash.

Pre-rinse diapers in cold water. Wash diapers in hot water with a small amount of diaper safe detergent.

Follow with at detergent-free hot wash and 1/2 cup vinegar if your diapers seem stiff after washing or to freshen them up. Rinse until all suds are gone.

*Never use fabric softener*

Lay diapers flat to dry or tumble dry low.

Washing soda or baking soda may be added to wash cycle as well as a few drops of essential oils to the rinse cycle.

NEVER USE: Fabric softener, dryer sheets, or detergents containing these things.
If you have a front loading washer, wash in small loads to ensure that the diapers are thoroughly washed.