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Organic Cotton Hybrid Fitted Diapers

Psalm Baby offers the highest quality American handmade organic cloth diapers!  Ethically and sustainably produced, these cloth diapers are sure to be your new favorite!  Psalm Baby one size diapers fit most babies from 9-40 lbs!  These will take multiple babies from infancy to potty.  These fitted diapers made from 100% certified organic outer and inner materials with a hidden layer of conventional polyester fleece allowing the diaper to be worn around the home without a cover.

Knits have more stretch, so knit diapers will run a little larger than other Psalm Baby one size diapers.  Knits are a great choice for chunky babies!

Please note: hybrid fitteds are not 100% organic as the middle layer is made from polyester, although the inner and outer parts of the cotton on the diaper that touches baby's skin is certified organic.