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Cloth Diaper 101: What is a Fitted Diaper

A commonly asked question is, “What exactly is a fitted diaper?”
A fitted diaper is a cloth diaper that is contoured and shaped similarly to a disposable diaper (in contrast to a prefold or flat diaper–you know, the kind Grandma used). A fitted diaper usually has elastic in the legs and back to fit your baby snugly. Fitted diapers can be secured by diaper pins (these are not the same as safety pins), a snappi, hook and loop (Velcro, Touch Tape), or polyresin snaps (KAM).
Fitted diapers are easy to use but must have a waterproof cover over them or you will end up with a puddle on the floor. I know, I know, that doesn’t sound too appealing, especially if you are buying fitted diapers with cute prints, right? Don’t fret, there is a solution, hybrid fitted diapers!

Hybrid fitted diapers are made like a traditional fitted diaper but with added fluid-retardant properties. By adding in a hidden layer of polyester fleece, hybrid fitted diapers are not subject to the woes of puddles on the floor or urine running down your baby’s legs. Because the fleece layer is non-absorbent, it helps to push fluids back into the insert helping the inserts to reach maximum absorbency.

Instead of fluids only hitting the “wet zone” and then coming out the front of the diaper, hybrid fitteds push most of the fluids back toward the insert distributing the fluids throughout the insert causing the insert to absorb even more. This makes hybrid fitted diapers a great night time solution when paired with a waterproof cover.
Because hybrid fitteds are not completely waterproof (you should use a cover when out and about, for long car rides, or overnight), they help parents or care givers, who are new to cloth, know when baby needs a change. Though the outside of the diaper will not drip fluid, hybrid fitteds will get damp to the touch once they have absorbed a good amount of fluids. They are really the greatest innovation to come to cloth diapering since wool! Try some, you won’t be disappointed!

(Originally posted July 10, 2014 on my old site)

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